Brief Introduction of MIS Sdn Bhd


MIS Sdn Bhd was incorporated in year 1998.The Founding Principal Director is Mr. Kong Kok Meng and Mr. Andy Yaw Chee Sin the Project Director. The Main businesses are:

  • Aluminium Façade Engineering and Construction.
  • Fabrication and installation of glass and aluminium works.
  • Aluminium stockist and supplier.
  • Manufacturer, importer & distributor of hardware, accessories and ironmongery.
  • System designer and manufacturer of Design Registered Modular Aluminium louvres
  • Industrialized System Housing Promoter and Coordinator.

 Business Philosophy

In view of the current trend in property market in particular and economic of globalization in general, the clientele base is becoming more international and sophisticated, property shoppers comprising of foreign investors and local distinguished high taste buyers are more likely to compare their investment in realty with international standard rather than just general standard acceptable in Malaysia. Expectation is ever increasing from higher to beyond.

Relentless in pursuit of excellence and competitiveness through value engineering, innovation and efficiency is the only solution in order to continue to excel and to succeed in the construction market-place. The company must strive to maintain its competitiveness at cutting edge at all time. The company overhead has to be kept extremely low. The owner has to be multi-tasking, innovative and efficient in every level of his business activities both technically and commercially.

As the name and the founding spirit of our company derives, efficiency and quality control to be achieved by introducing creative industrialized manufacturing process through the values we embraced in establishing the direction of our company MIS Sdn Bhd.

M     Modularization and modernization:

where any windows configuration or building component can be made up from a basic module instead of traditional construction method where every building is started from scratch without unified established standard and coordination.

I         Industrialization and Integration:

Where these modules can be manufactured in large quantity under factory equipped and control environment and thereby achieving economy of scale,automation, quality control and integrated tested performance.

S        Standardization and Systemization:

Once each basic module is established standard components can be manufactured and stock in quantity. Thus building construction can be transformed into building manufacturing like auto industry, garment industry where standardization can be customized with system control to suit the most demanding and distinguished clients.

Over the years, we had successfully in our part delivered thousand units of home, offices or buildings to the most discerning buyers and developers in meeting every aspect of their requirements. We will strive to maintain a good and trustworthy relationship with all our valued business counterparts in years to come, let’s assured, you can count on us.

Our Commitment

We always believe in providing total quality control package at the most cost effective and competitive pricing to the market place. Quality product and good service are not necessary to be expensive and time consuming. We will tailor our product to suit every aspect of your requirement or criteria, such as: Performance, Strength, Aesthetic, Budget, Durability, Delivery in Time etc., we hope our experience, knowledge and our commitment can be very helpful in meeting your needs. Lastly, we look forward to become your most reliable and comfortable business counterpart.

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